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Unique Technology

Unique Technology

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology - highly competitive system solutions

We have widely applied BIM in our project implementation and strengthened our competitiveness dramatically in the industry.

BIM is a powerful tool for our engineers to present design intent intuitively, optimize design drawings and anticipate the key nodes of the construction.

The integrated design feature for pipeline system assists to identify and eliminate any error and missing portion of the system for improving design reliability and efficiency.

BIM technology also supports project management for cost saving and successful completion by optimizing installation material scheduling, equipment layout and install crew management.

DEM (Discrete Element Method) Technology

COFCO E&T Zhengzhou is the leading institute in applying DEM Technology in grain storage, handling and processing industry.

DEM technology is able to accurately indicate bulk material geometrical parameter, physical property, contact characteristics amount particles and particles to equipment.

It is applied to simulate processes in bulk grain storage and transportation such as sieving, mixing, loading and unloading, crushing and grinding. It is a powerful tool for process engineering and equipment design - diagnosing design defects and optimizing process design.

COFCO E&T Zhengzhou has developed Discrete Element numerical simulation model and software for the study of grain flow characteristics. Our DEM laboratory promotes us to accomplish the analysis of bulk grain flow pattern, movement and kinetic parameters in the stages of conveying, transfer, loading, piling up, etc. It greatly helps to optimize our project proposals and equipment designs.