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Grain Storage

Grain Storage

Flat Bottom Steel Silos

Flat bottom steel silos are widely used for the storage of grains for both commercial and agriculture facilities. An engineered concrete foundation with ventilation and unloading structures are applied for the storage system.

Silo loading and unloading are completed by mechanical conveyors, such as bucket elevator, belt conveyor, chain conveyor or screw conveyor, etc.

Silo system accessory includes ventilation equipment, receiving pit dust collecting, sampling probe, silo unloading system (bin sweep), gain level indicating, temperature/moisture monitoring and insect control, etc.

Metal Hopper

The corrugated steel silo with vary angled unloading hopper is assembled on an engineered structure and anchored on a concrete foundation pad. They can be installed in the system as quick loading silos for gravity loading trucks and railcars.